To Graze - À paître

Informal. to eat small portions of food, as appetizers or the like

Blooming Feast was born out of a passion for delicious food that not only tastes amazing but looks like works of art. We want you to enjoy a vast array of culinary delights that can be enjoyed in an informal and casual yet stylish way - to graze! 

At Blooming Feast we are all about fresh produce, and we truly believe in supporting local businesses. So when we can, we buy the best, fresh local produce, from local our backyard!

We love being a part of creating memorable events that are unique and individually tailored, bringing life to food and creating edible works of art.

About Blooming Feast

to use locally sourced, seasonal, fresh, premium produce


Our Vision 

to create unique, individually tailored grazing tables and boards - no two are ever the same



 to create a feast for the eyes...